Zoom Video Communications provides audio/web and video-conferencing in a simple, easy-to-use format.

Zoom is UCLA's choice for video and web conferencing. Through a system-wide license agreement, the University of California has negotiated a significant discount off the regular price of a Zoom Pro account. On May 21, 2017, management of the UCLA Zoom accounts transitioned to Software Central.

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UCLA Zoom Account Types

Upon signing in with your UCLA ID and password, all UCLA users are automatically provided a no-cost Zoom Basic Account. Upgrade options are available to provide extended functionality. Types of accounts include:

Obtaining a Zoom Account

If your academic department participates in the UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE), you are eligible for a UCLA/Zoom Pro Account.

If your department does not participate in the CCLE and your department would like to obtain UCLA/Zoom Pro Accounts, please visit Software Central for more information and ordering directions.

Note: Zoom accounts are only required to host a meeting. Anyone can attend a Zoom meeting by simply using the appropriate link or Meeting ID from the meeting host.

Hosting Zoom Meetings

Zoom is licensed for University (not personal) use, and there are two methods of accessing and using Zoom:

Through CCLE

You can host Zoom meetings by adding the Zoom activity to a CCLE site.

Outside CCLE

To host meetings outside the CCLE, UCLA/Zoom Pro Account licenses are available from Software Central through department recharge for a nominal fee.

Users with a Pro account can host meetings by signing in and launching the Zoom application.

Upgrade Options

Additional Zoom features can be purchased through Software Central to extend Pro accounts.