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Finding Work-Life Balance
Do you find yourself saying, “I have too much to do...", "I don't have enough time...", "I'm so overwhelmed...!”

If this sounds like you, this workshop will help you optimize your time and close out 2020 with your best month yet.

Finding Balance focuses on a three-step process to discover which areas of your life are misaligned with your long-term goals. We will explore where you are today versus where you would like to be, and how to close that gap to step into the best version of yourself. Join us for a 60-minute interactive and fun workshop to master lasting and long-term change.

Key Takeaways:
● Discover which specific areas of your life are in or out of balance.
● Identify your top goals - those things that really matter to you - and learn to say “No” to things that take away from achieving them.
● Learn how to devise action plans, time-management and organization strategies to achieve your goals - especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.
● Create room in your life to do things you are passionate about.
● Create strategies to stay focused and maintain momentum.


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Nov 10, 2021 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Sami Toussi
Business + Life Strategist @Sami Toussi International
Sami Toussi is an experienced business and life strategist and international speaker. Sami graduated from UCLA and quickly rose through the ranks of corporate management, leading an executive team by her mid-twenties and starting a new venture. Despite her early success her experience caused her to question the fullness and purpose of her life. Seeking answers Sami furthered delved into the coaching world and underwent five years of training to become a Board Certified Coach. In 2016, Sami founded Sami Toussi Coaching International which has delivered coaching to hundreds of clients across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Sami has a passion for business innovation and personal development, and through her skillset has transformed the lives of countless clients, from launching multi-million dollar businesses, finishing novels and transitioning into purposeful careers.